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ビデオを活用しましょう Let's use the video well.

バレリーナや新体操選手などが目指すのは ”どこを切っても美しい”。 踊っている映像のどこで停止しても絵になるというのは理想でしょうね。



Ballerina and Rhythmic gymnastics player and other aim for the beautiful no matter when you stop the video what they dancing, right ?  

Now, we can take a video easily and watch it immediately. Dancing while seeing reflection in the mirror is important. And similarly, Dancing seriously without seeing mirror, then watching your video immediately is effective very much. 

At that time, try watching it frame by frame.
If there isn't an unseemly appearance frame, you are good. 
But even if there are beautiful moment, it's no good if until you move on to the next moment is no good. 
Why don't you use the video to confirm that.


怪我について考えよう8 Let's think about injuries. 8





The human body is not a machine.  So, we can't repeating well the same thing over and over.
The drummer of this "Bolero" have to keep on beating the drum same rhythm.
I wonder it's will tire them out.  Such repeating is my weak point.

Keep repeating the same thing meant to load on same point.
Then that point tire out and it become fragile, as I wrote last time.
Not only physically load but also chemically changes are the cause.

Lactic acid accumulates or muscle become oxidized or mineral balance changes by being tired. Thereby the muscle can't expansion and contraction or the balance of muscle movement or the nerve transmission is disrupted.  And yet we are going to try to do as usual, so then our muscle convulsions or sprain or some accident.    

Recess moderately, stretching, massage can prevent a such trouble. But you need warning when you take stretch and massage because they change the muscle reaction.